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Edición DE California

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Mire lo que sucedió en la historia durante Junio

June 3, 1956- Santa Cruz authorities were called to shut down a wild dance party of about 200 teenagers at the Santa Cruz Civic Auditorium, who were found listening to rock and roll music. Parents and authorities deemed rock and roll devil music. The next day the Santa Cruz local authorities announced a total ban of rock and roll at public gatherings, viewing the music as “detrimental to both the health and morals of our youth and community”. The mindset that rock and roll would be the cause of a moral deterioration of the youth was at play when enacting this ban. June 10, 1692- On June 10, 1692, the first victim of the Salem witch hunt is hanged. In June 1692, a special Court known as "Oyer and Terminer,’” which means to hear and determine, convened in Salem. Chief Justice William Stoughton was chosen to preside over those accused. Bridget Bishop was the first colonist to be tried and convicted for being a witch. The verdict of Bishop’s case triggered multiple hangings, and one pressing, of other colonists who were also found to be witches. June 13, 1966-The verdict of Miranda v. Arizona resulted in the Supreme Court’s establishment of the Miranda Rights. Under this law all criminal suspects must be advised of their rights before interrogation, otherwise the police cannot hold them. June 25, 1910- Congress passed the Mann Act, also known as the White Slave Traffic Act on June 25, 1910. This act was originally passed in order to keep young girls from being lured into prostitution. Although, this act quickly morphed into a way to make a crime out of many forms of consensual sexual activity. The law made it illegal to “transport any woman or girl” across state lines “for any immoral purpose”. This law put many notable people in police custody. An example is Charlie Chaplin’s case of 1944. This law has been amended multiple times but never repealed.

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